Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework

Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework (VPMF) includes the development of performance indicators to provide transparency to industry and Government on the performance of the Port of Melbourne landside container supply chain.

The performance indicators have been developed in close consultation with stevedores, transport operators, industry bodies and the Port of Melbourne and is now reported as a dashboard - Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework dashboard.

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To support a consistent and standardised data set from stevedores, definitions are consistent with Waterline reporting and exclude bulk run data from all metrics.

This meets the objectives of the VPPM by providing greater transparency to industry on land side port operations as data is reported monthly and not aggregated at the port level. 

Freight Victoria would like to thank Patrick Terminals, Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) and DP World for their continued support and collaboration in this process.

Resources to download:

What’s next

Freight Victoria will continue to work with stevedores to refine and expand performance measures for future iterations of the dashboard.

This will include work to add more indicators to cover other parts of the container freight supply chain, such as empty container management, rail container freight performance and freight transport network performance.

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For further information on the Voluntary Port Performance Model, please contact Freight Victoria via email at [email protected].