Investing in our piers and jetties

Piers and jetties play a significant role in Victorian communities, supporting commercial fishing, marine businesses, recreation and tourism.

Plans and frameworks

Current projects

Completed projects

Managing local ports


Plans and frameworks

Sustainable Local Ports Framework

The Victorian Government has committed $2.5 million to implement the Sustainable Local Ports Framework to provide a consistent planning and decision-making pathway. 

The department has commenced implementation of the framework to improve local port management. 

The framework outcomes will assist government in prioritising and directing future investment to where it is needed most.

The framework incorporates four principles reflecting government’s role in local ports: Local economy and jobs growth, tourism and recreation, emergency response and community and cultural value.

Local area plans will be developed for key precincts identified through the framework and guided by community and stakeholder engagement.

Download the Sustainable Local Ports Framework [PDF 191 KB].

Williamstown Maritime Precinct Framework

Williamstown Maritime Precinct

The Williamstown Maritime Precinct is a premier maritime and tourist destination, providing an important space for the local community and attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year.
The Williamstown Maritime Precinct Framework, released in early 2021, has created a vision for the precinct which remains true to its legacy as a heritage port. The framework identifies several key directions and supporting strategic land use direction including:
  • A place of cultural exchange
  • A functional and celebrated maritime destination
  • A balanced compatible mixed-use precinct
  • An innovative and prosperous precinct

The Department of Transport worked with community, industry, government, traditional owners and local council to develop this framework which identifies opportunities to guide future use and development of the precinct.

Download the Williamstown Maritime Precinct Update [PDF 326 Kb]

Sandringham Harbour Precinct 

Parks Victoria, the local port manager, is preparing a local area plan for Sandringham Harbour Precinct which also considers future needs for a public pier at Hampton.

In addition to confirming future requirements for a pier, the draft plan identifies the channel access, swing mooring and off-the-beach boating requirements and has been prepared in conjunction with specialist maritime consultants and with stakeholder engagement.

Following completion of public consultation Parks Victoria is reviewing feedback prior to releasing the final plan.

Learn more about the Sandringham Harbour Precinct.

Current projects

Flinders Pier

The Victorian Government, under the 2022-23 State Budget, has committed funding to the pier to plan to undertake safety works. The scope of works for the pier will be determined following completion of the heritage assessment process, and further planning and assessments. 

Learn more about the Flinders Pier.

St Kilda Pier Redevelopment 

St Kilda Pier

The Victorian Government is investing $53 million for the St Kilda Pier redevelopment, boosting tourism, adding more green space and preserving the iconic landmark for generations to come.

The investment will deliver a new curved pier design, providing visitors with more open space and improved public facilities, while also preserving the historic kiosk.

St Kilda Pier artist's impression

This design was selected after an extensive community consultation process.

Work on the new St Kilda Pier has commenced with Simpson Constructions as the lead construction partner.

The current pier will remain open for visitors to enjoy until the new pier is fully functional in late 2024. The old pier will be demolished.

Learn more about the St Kilda Pier Redevelopment.

State Budget commitments 2022-23

The Victorian Government is supporting tourism, recreational, cultural activities, and local economies and communities with a $18 million investment in piers and jetties in the State Budget 2022/23.

We've prioritised this critical package of works under the Sustainable Local Ports Framework that helps us manage and maintain our Victoria’s local port infrastructure in a fair, consistent, and sustainable way. 

Hampton Pier reconstruction

The Department, Parks Victoria and Bayside Council are preparing the Sandringham Harbour Precinct Plan

The plan will confirm the future requirements for the Hampton Pier within the harbour and consider the outcome of public consultation and feedback. 

The Victoria Government is funding the reconstruction of Hampton Pier.

Learn more about the Sandringham Harbour Precinct Plan

Rye Pier (outer section) rebuild

Funding under the $24 million Building Works economic stimulus investment is already supporting the rebuild of the Rye Pier approach. These works are due for completion in 2022.

The Rye Pier rebuild includes replacing a 270-metre inner section of the pier, widening the pier deck to 4.2 metres and installing new handrails and solar lighting to improve safety and accessibility. The project is being managed by Parks Victoria.

The Victorian Government, through the State Budget 2022-23, is investing in the second stage of pier rebuild works. 

This stage of works will see the rebuild of the outer section of the pier approach and the head of pier. 

Planning for the second stage of works will start in 2022-23.

Learn more about Rye Pier rebuild.  

Mornington Fisherman’s Jetty reconstruction

The Victorian Government is investing in the reconstruction of Fisherman’s Jetty at the Mornington Harbour. 

The first stage of the project will involve planning for future uses of the marine precinct.

Parks Victoria is preparing a local port area plan for Mornington Harbour to help define areas within the harbour for specific uses. This will help inform decisions about the Fisherman’s Jetty and involve public consultation. 

McLoughlins Beach Jetty reconstruction

Gippsland Ports manages the McLoughlins Beach Jetty. Rebuilt in 1985, the jetty is now close to the end of its useful life. 

The Victorian Government, under the State Budget 2022/23, is investing in the reconstruction of the jetty recognising the high value that the community places on it. 

Gippsland Ports will continue keeping the community informed as planning for the reconstruction works progresses. 

Raymond Island Public Jetty reconstruction

Gippsland Ports manages the Raymond Island Public Jetty, located on McMillan Strait between Raymond Island and Paynesville.

The jetty provides public berths for recreational boaters and charter operators.

The Victorian Government, under the State Budget 2022/23, is investing in the reconstruction of the jetty.

Lakes Entrance Fishing Cooperative Limited South Jetty rebuild on Bullock Island

Lakes Entrance Fishing Cooperative Limited (LEFL) jetties on Bullock Island are approaching end of life, with the southern jetty requiring replacement first. 

Gippsland Ports, leases the jetties to LEFL which services Victoria’s largest fishing fleet. The facility is a major economic generator for Lakes Entrance. 

Under a refreshed Bullock Island Master Plan (2020), Gippsland Ports will review landing proposal options and ensure that the solution is value for money.

Gippsland Ports will engage with stakeholders and ensure that the commercial fishing industry has an asset that meets current and future needs.  

Sustainable Local Ports Critical Repairs

Through the State Budget 2021/22, we’re investing $4.9 million in two critical local ports critical repair projects.

Apollo Bay Breakwater

Apollo Bay

The Port of Apollo Bay harbour is an important feature of Apollo Bay. As a working port, it supports a fishing industry, marina and safe harbour moorings and is a popular tourism attraction.

We’ve provided the Colac Otway Shire with funding for critical repairs to the Lee Breakwater. 

A tender for the works has been released.

Lakes Entrance Training Walls

Apollo Bay harbour is an important working port, supporting a thriving fishing industry, charter operators and recreational boaters as well as being a popular tourism attraction.

We’ve provided the Colac Otway Shire with funding for critical repairs to the Lee Breakwater. 

A tender for the works has been released  .

Building Works economic stimulus

Transport projects form a key part of the $328.4 million Victorian Government investment in critical freight, boating, public transport and roads maintenance, which will create or support more than 600 jobs as we recover from COVID-19.

The pier and jetty projects include:

  • $9.6 million upgrade of Portarlington Pier
  • $11.6 million for upgrades and maintenance of piers in Port Phillip, including Altona, Middle Brighton, Flinders and Queenscliff South Piers
  • $3.2 million for upgrades and repairs to Rye Pier, Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf, Portland Trawler Wharf pontoon and Tooradin Jetty.

Four projects under delivery are outlined below.

Portarlington Pier 

Portarlington Pier

A new covered walkway is being constructed and will incorporate indigenous artwork celebrating a sense of Wadawurrung Country.

The Portarlington Pier redevelopment delivers a new pier head, covered walkway, and improved harbour protection benefiting the local community and visitors, anglers and the region’s celebrated aquaculture industry. Indigenous artwork celebrating a sense of Wadawurrung Country is a striking addition to this upgrade and incorporated into the new covered walkway. The old pier has also been demolished.

Learn more about the upgrade to Portarlington Pier.

Altona Pier
The Altona Pier redevelopment project will deliver a new pier to the community. Designed with community input, the new pier features a heritage-look timber deck, y-shaped head and an accessible low landing to delight pier-lovers, boaters and anglers. The project timeline will be confirmed through the procurement process.  
Complementing Hobsons Bay Council’s foreshore redevelopment, the project will revitalise the precinct and improve accessibility for the future.  

Learn more about the Altona Pier Redevelopment

Rye Pier (inner section) reconstruction

Rye Pier

A complete rebuild of a 270-metre section of the pier approach from the foreshore to before the low landing and widening the deck from 3 metres to 4.2 metres (1.2 metres wider than current pier) is underway.   
A 600-millimetre lift in pier height of the rebuilt section will cater for future sea level rise. 
Learn more about improvements to Rye Pier.

Other projects funded under the Local Ports Program

Warrnambool Breakwater

Located on the westernmost point of Lady Bay, the Warrnambool Breakwater is popular with fishers, boaters and visitors.  

We’ve supported the Warrnambool City Council to undertake storm damage repairs. 

The Warrnambool Breakwater storm damage repairs and low landing deck rebuild have been completed, with further breakwater render repairs to be undertaken.

Completed projects

Building Work economic stimulus projects

Middle Brighton Pier

Middle Brighton Pier

Middle Brighton Pier is a popular destination for locals and visitors on the Brighton foreshore. The pier also provides access to the yacht club marina.
Parks Victoria managed repairs to concrete piles and crossheads and replaced some deck planks on the 1977 section of the pier.
The works have been completed and the pier has reopened to the public.

Learn more about improvements to Middle Brighton Pier.

Queenscliff South Pier and lifeboat shed repairs

Queenscliff South Pier

Queenscliff South Pier and Lifeboat Complex, managed by Parks Victoria, is of historical significance for its associations with the lifeboat service, the sea pilot service, the famous bay ferries and paddle steamers dating back to the 1880s. 

Today it is a significant maritime heritage asset and a popular place for sightseeing, fishing and commercial dive activities. 

Repair and restoration of the lifeboat shed has been completed. The restoration of the pier and lifeboat shed was undertaken in partnership with Heritage Victoria.

Learn more about improvements to Queenscliff South Pier.

Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf loading section rebuild

Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf

Gippsland Ports managed the rebuild of the timber deck and associated substructure within the loading and unloading area of the Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf.
The wharf is used for loading and unloading by commercial operators including commercial fishers.

Portland Trawler Wharf Pontoon

Glenelg Shire Council managed the delivery of additional floating pontoons installed as finger jetties and an extension to the existing walkway at the Portland Trawler Wharf.

The works have increased the number of berths for commercial fishers improving access for loading and unloading.

Tooradin Jetty

Parks Victoria has rebuilt Tooradin Jetty and demolished the old timber jetty.  The lower landing has been replaced with an all-abilities access floating pontoon. 

The new jetty makes it safer and more accessible for commercial operations and the public. 

Learn more about improvements to Tooradin Jetty.

Better Recreational Facilities completed projects

Facility Project description Amound funded Management
Seaford Pier

Seaford Pier is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and general sightseeing.

Parks Victoria managed the pier upgrade enabling the pier to reopen to public access.

$900,000 Parks Victoria
Frankston Pier

Frankston Pier is a popular spot for walking, fishing and swimming. 

The pier was badly damaged in August 2019 during a major storm and a 20-metre section of the pier head broke away. Parks Victoria managed works to repair the pier. 

$672,000  Parks Victoria
Kerferd Road Pier, Albert Park 

This much-loved Albert Park icon underwent works to reconstruct the middle of the pier and lower landing using timber piles and new timber deck and handrails. 

Learn more about improvements to Kerferd Road Pier.

$1.75 million  Parks Victoria
Gem Pier, Williamstown 

Gem Pier stands as one of the most highly utilised piers in Port Phillip. The lower landing continues to service commercial ferries in operation between Williamstown, the city and St Kilda.

Works managed by Parks Victoria carried out in 2020 included repair and replacement of piles beneath the pier. 

Learn more about improvements to Gem Pier.

$650,00  Parks Victoria
Rye Pier Low-Landing 

The upgrade delivered an all-abilities access ramp to allow everyone to enjoy the water.

The upgrade also provided casual berths for recreational fishing and diving and improved berthing for larger commercial fishing charter operators through a longer, new low landing.

The low-landing was completely rebuilt with new supporting piles and berthing fenders and new corrosion resistance fibre-reinforced mesh for the decking. 

Learn more about improvements to the Rye Pier low-landing.

$500,000  Parks Victoria

Other completed projects

Facility Region Amount funded Management
Tankerton Low-Landing repairs Port Phillip $160,000 Parks Victoria
Lakes Entrance Eastern Wharf upgrade Gippsland $557,494 Gippsland Ports
Paynesville Boatyard Wastewater Treatment Facility  Gippsland $153,634 Gippsland Ports
Barwon Heads Main Jetty rebuild Barwon $182,461 Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc
Warrnambool Breakwater pavement and handrail upgrade Great South Coast $103,000 Warrnambool City Council
Marlo Jetty piling repairs and public lighting Gippsland $119,814 Gippsland Ports
Apollo Bay Harbour dredging, breakwater renewal design and repair, and slipway winch repairs Barwon $1.353 million Colac Otway Shire
Port Welshpool Long Jetty maintenance Gippsland $56,390 Gippsland Ports
Apollo Bay dredge pipeline replacement Barwon $80,000 Colac Otway Shire
Port Fairy wharf pile repairs  Barwon  $168,610  Colac Otway Shire 
Apollo Bay slipway cradle repair, winch shed rebuild, waste oil facility shed, CCTV  Barwon  $150,000  Colac Otway Shire 
Portsea Pier repairs  Port Phillip  $182,000  Parks Victoria 

Managing local ports

Map of the state of Victoria, with the location of regional local ports highlighted.
Local port Port manager Contact number
Portland Bay  Glenelg Shire Council  (03) 5522 2140
Port Fairy  Moyne Shire Council  (03) 5568 1108 
Warrnambool  Warrnambool City Council  (03) 5559 4800 
Apollo Bay  Colac-Otway Shire Council  (03) 5232 9400 
Lorne  Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority  1300 736 533 
Barwon Heads  Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc  (03) 5254 1118 
Port Phillip
Western Port
Port Campbell 
Parks Victoria  13 19 63 

Gippsland Lakes
Corner Inlet and Port Albert
Snowy River
Anderson Inlet

Gippsland Ports Committee of Management Inc (03) 5150 0500

There are around 150 local port wharves, piers and jetties across the state. Many other structures along the coast are not local port assets.