Adaptation Action Plan

The Victorian Government has prepared Adaptation Action Plans (AAPs) across seven systems to ensure Victoria’s climate resilience, now and in the future.

Transport adaptation action planLearn more about the AAPs

The transport plan outlines actions to address the impacts of climate change, develop a deeper understanding of its implications for the transport system and respond or adapt to change.

As the first in a series of five-year plans, the transport plan will provide the building blocks for a climate-resilient Victorian transport system by 2050.  Subsequent AAPs will be prepared every five years, as required by the Climate Change Act 2017.

The Transport AAP considers the whole transport system and includes 15 actions to address, plan and prepare transport assets, infrastructure and services for climate change impacts.

This follows the three whole-of-Victorian government priority focus areas to:

  • address the current impacts of climate change on Victoria
  • reduce barriers to adaptation
  • lay the foundations for transformational adaptation.

The Transport AAP will establish a solid foundation for the climate resilience of the transport system by improving knowledge, capability, capacity and approaches to decision-making. 

It focuses on outlining governance and providing leadership to address climate change risks and on strategic planning to embed climate change considerations into all aspects of our work. 

All seven systems aim to ensure sustainable finance for climate adaptation actions and on collaboratively trialing innovative partnerships for the future safe and sustainable movement of good and people, including vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. 

At the same time, we will work towards the long-term goals of strengthening our emergency management systems and supporting the development of in-built resilience of our high-profile assets.