With Victoria growing and changing more rapidly than at any point in its history, understanding changing patterns of movement is critical to meeting future transport demand.

The 17 million trips across all forms of transport a day in Melbourne could be more than 30 million a day by 2050.

The Department is making sure the whole network is connected properly, and in the right order, to provide the widest possible benefits.

Victoria's population is growing by 110,000 people a year By 2050, Melbourne will need to support 13 million extra trips on top of 17 million now

Understanding travel needs

We have analysed every key movement corridor and place in Victoria, to understand our changing travel patterns and emerging trends, so we can advise on the pathways ahead.

Melbourne’s west is growing at twice the pace as the rest of the city, which is why the alternative crossing to the West Gate Bridge and major upgrades to the region’s arterials are now underway, but more infrastructure will be needed along with more services.

Regional Victoria’s population is set to double in 20 years.

Cities and towns within a two-hour arc of Melbourne growing the strongest, while other regions are facing the challenge of aging populations.

A sophisticated understanding of our changing economic patterns to link more people to jobs, and employers to employees, is vital to meeting future transport needs. 

V/Line is now running around 2,000 train services a week - 40 per cent more than in 2014. Patronage on Melbourne's rail network has more than doubled since 2000. in 2014. Patronage on Melbourne's rail network 130 per cent growth in train passenger trips in 10 years. Traffic volumes have grown 20 per cent in 10 years.


Changing lives and transport

Getting the balance right in managing demand, making the most of existing assets, taking up new technologies and planning for major infrastructure, requires thinking of transport as one system, not individual projects or modes.

Our key focus is on improving people’s access to jobs, opportunities and world-class education and health services, no matter where you live.

Improved transport links at key places will give people greater choice in where to live and work, and access to more education, healthcare and social opportunities.

Have a look at some of the work underway.

More than 40% of Melbourne's population growth in the next 15 years is expected in new residential developments in the north, west and south-east Population in a two-hour arc around Melbourne is set to double in 20 years


Community engagement

The Department is committed to working with community and stakeholders to help shape transport outcomes.

We are dedicated to working with all people across Victoria to deliver transport planning projects and initiatives valued by the community.

Engage Victoria provides an opportunity for you to contribute your opinions, ideas and feedback on a whole range of projects and proposals.