Public transport safety

Whether you're walking, driving or riding, it’s easy to stay safe on and around public transport by being aware, obeying signs and signals, and following some simple rules.

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Our latest transport safety campaigns

Our public awareness campaigns are developed to educate drivers, pedestrians and other road users on how to make their travel as safe as possible, to help prevent deaths, injuries and near-misses on and around our public transport network.

Find out how to make your journey a safe one.

Level crossing safety

With several near-misses and collisions reported across the state, these campaigns aim to educate motorists about safety around level crossings.

Always be alert when approaching a railway crossing. Stop, look and listen for trains before you cross.

Driving around trams

With 70 per cent of tram crashes happening when cars turn or merge onto tram tracks, our Trams Can't Swerve campaign reminds drivers to check for tram.

Level crossing safety toolkit

The Department of Transport and Planning has developed a toolkit to help anyone wanting to share level crossing safety messages.

The toolkit provides a range of resources with key safety messages that can be downloaded and used on websites, social media, e-newsletters and other channels.

Resources to download:

Other safety information and resources

Pedestrians walking to Malvern train station

Public transport pedestrian safety

Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, no matter how regularly you travel, or how familiar you are with your public transport service and journey.

The PTV website has information for passengers and pedestrians about travelling safely on and around the public transport network in Victoria. Find out more about travelling safely

Cars waiting at a level crossing

Driving safely around public transport

Trams, trains and buses share many of our roads, and incidents can result not only in an injury to yourself, but also to passengers, drivers and other road users.

Be aware that trains, trams and buses are larger, heavier, and take longer to stop. 

Find out some simple rules for driving safely around trams, trains and level crossings.