Yarra Trams To Install Hundreds Of Solar Panels Across Network

Yarra Trams have flicked on the switch of nearly 100 kilowatts of solar panels installed on the roof of its Southbank depot, the first of seven solar depots housing solar trams.

The 200-panels across seven depots will produce over 550 megawatt hours of power annually which will help power depot operations and keep the network running.

Catching a tram is already one of the most sustainable ways to get around Melbourne, but these solar panels mean the network will be even more environmentally friendly – reducing the overall network draw on the power grid.

The new solar panels are expected to cut CO2 emissions by up to 350 tonnes and save approximately $370,000 on energy costs each year. Excess power will be fed back into the network when it is produced.

Melbourne’s iconic tram fleet is powered by renewable energy from two solar farms in northern Victoria.