Supporting a safer Ride2School

More students will be able to cycle, walk, skateboard or scoot to school safely with the popular Bicycle Network-run Ride2School program set to stay.

The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 million to continue the partnership, which aims to make active transport more attractive for students.

Funding will be prioritised for disadvantaged schools so every child in Victoria has the opportunity for a healthy start to the school day.

The funding boost also includes an initiative to encourage and reward schools to establish specially designated routes and bike education so students can ride safely to school.

This year alone, more than 400 Victorian schools took part in Ride2School Day, with students getting to school in a way that keeps them active, energised and ready to learn at the start of the day.

Studies show that one in four children are not getting enough exercise and an early ride or walk to school is a great way to ensure students are energised and ready to start learning from the first bell.

The Government’s support of the Ride2School program is in addition to the $24.2 million Active Schools initiative that builds on existing programs and funding to boost support and resources for schools to get kids moving.

Schools participating in the program have approximately 13 per cent more students walking and riding to school when compared to non-participating schools.

The Ride2School program has encouraged thousands of students get on their bikes since 2006, and also promotes the importance of bicycle safety, including wearing helmets when riding and keeping aware of other users of roads and footpaths.

Bicycle Network delivers the Ride2School program, including the National Ride2School Day across Australia.