Zycus Supplier Network Portal

The Department of Transport and Planning has recently implemented Zycus as its new source-to-contract system.

Zycus is now used at DTP to manage its procurement sourcing activity including request for quote, request for proposal and request for information, as well as managing contract and supplier information.

The Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) Portal enables suppliers to engage with DTP through an online portal. Once registered, suppliers can respond to DTP sourcing events and view details of their contracts.

As a ZSN registered supplier, you can:

  • view and update your address and contact information
  • access current contracts and track the progress of contract award/signing
  • engage with DTP for tendering/sourcing events.

Benefits of ZSN

The benefits of using the ZSN Portal include:

  • Improved collaboration: The ZSN Portal is a one-stop shop where you can view your existing contract details, engage with DTP for any current and future business and update your company contact details
  • Improved communication: Submit sourcing responses and communicate with your DTP buyer via the ZSN Portal
  • Reduced errors and enquiries: Ensure your information stays current and correct, preventing errors or delays in the source-to-contract process.

ZSN supplier registration

Before you can access the ZSN Portal, you will need:

  • an internet connection
  • an internet browser installed on your computer (Google Chrome is the preferred browser).

You must also self-register as a supplier with the department. 

ZSN portal login

If you have already registered as a supplier on ZSN, visit the ZSN login page.  

If you have forgotten your password for ZSN, click the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the sign-in screen to reset your password.

Support documents and further help

The ZSN portal navigation guide can offer you online support.

If you require additional support or have questions about engaging with DTP via ZSN, your contract manager at DTP will be your first point of contact.

For any technical issues relating to the ZSN, please contact [email protected] or access the online help within the ZSN Portal.