New travel patterns and places

Deliver a people-focused system that enhances communities with sustainable new travel patterns, public and active transport and shared mobility services.

New travel patterns and placesStrategic priorities

  • Use data and digital capabilities to develop new travel options and ways to plan journeys to reflect changing behaviours and expectations.
  • Connect communities through network reforms, regular services, and service types such as ‘turn up and go’ and ‘rapid running.’ 
  • Ensure places and transport networks are developed in ways that encourage cycling and walking.
  • Use the transport system to plan and deliver land use outcomes and precinct developments that increase liveability.

Key initiatives include

  • Key initiatives include    Suburban Rail Loop 
  • PTV app enhancements and RideSpace
  • More train services across metropolitan and regional Victoria through driver training and recruitment
  • Demand responsive transport including FlexiRide bus
  • Active transport initiatives to support walking and cycling, including new and upgraded bike lanes and pop-up bike lanes, shared paths, cycling prioritisation pilots, school crossings and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Precinct design and planning including Arden, Sunshine and Richmond to Flinders
  • Embed 20-minute neighbourhood principles
  • Movement and Place Framework

Measures of success include

  • Passengers on public transport 
  • Public transport service punctuality and delivery
  • Cycling and pedestrian projects completed