Empower our people

Be a diverse, adaptable and connected workforce, empowered to deliver simple, safe, connected journeys.

Empower our peopleStrategic priorities

  • Actively support the safety, wellbeing and mental health of our workforce, and new ways of working that are flexible and support engagement.
  • Increase inclusion and diversity to ensure our organisation reflects the community we serve.
  • Demonstrate leadership at all levels to live our values and continuously prioritise culture and performance.
  • Deliver business improvement activities that enable our workforce to operate as one department in a hybrid working environment.
  • Proactively develop our workforce, talent and skills so we have the capability to sustain delivery and drive innovation.

Key initiatives include

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-2023
  • COVID-19 corporate response and recovery, hybrid and flexible working arrangements
  • DTP Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2020-2023
  • Culture and people experience strategy
  • Technology, Data & Cyber Strategy 2021-2024
  • Internal communications strategy
  • Workforce mobility and building capability
  • Youth employment program
  • Leadership Development Strategy 2022-2026
  • Customer Strategy
  • Customer Experience Framework and Implementation Plan 

Measures of success include

  • Key achievements as reported in the Annual Report including: 
    • Workforce inclusion targets 
    • Occupational Health and Safety management