The Department of Transport and Planning has released its Strategic Plan for the next four years, setting out Department’s vision, purpose and strategic priorities for transport in Victoria.

Simple, safe, connected journeys

Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Cover

Transport is a critical enabler for the wellbeing and prosperity of our community. Victoria’s population is projected to grow at a fast pace. The way people are living and working is rapidly changing too, which impacts freight logistics and distribution models. Coupled with the transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions and adapting to climate change, Victoria’s transport system needs to keep pace. 

The Strategic Plan focuses on innovation and reform and build on a system that is integrated, smart, sustainable and reliable. Our Strategic Plan reflects the Department’s strong approach and a positive path forward to delivering simple, safe, connected journeys that will enrich the lives of Victorians into the future. 

DTP Focus Areas

The Department’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026 has seven focus areas and 27 strategic priorities. The focus areas and strategic priorities have been designed to reflect the scale of the Department’s responsibilities and to bring the strategic directions to life.

Safe Journeys for allNew travel patterns and placesAdvance technology and assetsService and network reforms Environmental sustainabilityInnovation through engagementEmpower our people