Chief Investigator, Transport Safety

The Chief Investigator, Transport Safety is a statutory position established under Part 7 of the Transport Integration Act 2010.

The objective of the position is to seek to improve transport safety by providing for an independent no-blame investigation of transport safety matters consistent with the vision statement and the transport system objectives of the Act. 

The Chief Investigator conducts rail investigations in Victoria under the Commonwealth Transport Safety Investigations Act 2003.

This was agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and then with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

The full intergovernmental agreement is available on the COAG website. 

All other incidents are investigated under Victorian legislation. This includes marine, bus, tram and tourist and heritage operations exempt from national rail safety accreditation.

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Role of the Chief Investigator

The principal function of the Chief Investigator is to investigate transport safety matters and to report the results of investigations to the Minister for Public Transport or the Minister for Ports.

The primary focus of the investigations is to determine what factors caused the incident, rather than apportion blame for the incident, and to identify issues that may require review, monitoring or further consideration.

The Chief Investigator is not subject to the direction or control of the minister(s) in performing or exercising his or her functions or powers however, the minister(s) may direct the Chief Investigator to investigate a transport safety matter.

The Chief Investigator is independent of the Department of Transport and Planning and all other transport portfolio agencies.

An investigation conducted by the Chief Investigator does not replace the powers of regulatory bodies to conduct their own investigations into the same incident.

Memorandum of understanding

The Chief Investigator has signed the following memorandum of understanding with other government safety agencies.

The document below outlines the respective roles and responsibilities of each party in relation to safety investigations.

Transport safety investigation reports

The Chief Investigator prepares reports following investigations into major occurrences involving public transport and marine services.

Further information about these investigations can be obtained in the reports below.


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